Millennium Star is a brand designed for those who love to convey their emotions clearly and effectively! Choose to Shine! “Choose to shine” is our slogan. In any way you like CHOOSE TO SHINE not remain
shadows come forward and the most exciting things that you never imagined happen suddenly happen. That’s what makes Simone Carbini from 2009, when it launches on the web e-commerce fashion Millennium Star, soon reaching a glorious success, first in Italy and then throughout the world. The motivation that gave birth to this company is really centered on emotions that each of us lives intensely and expresses the world also through fashion and style; each item owned live in close contact with us, accompanies our days and can make our lives better. We aim to proudly made in Italy for our creations without sacrificing the unique style proposals made in the rest of the world. Millennium Star is the name of the diamond considered the most beautiful in the world. For those with a keen sense of fashion refined and exclusive!

londra simone carbini